Not everybody will love your home in its current condition and/or style

Understanding this from the beginning will result in less heartaches. More than likely you love your home. You love how you decorated your home. You love that red dining room wall. You love having the children’s bedrooms right next to your bedroom. Yet, diversity makes the world go round and some prospective Buyers may like certain things about your home, while not other things about your home. They may plan a remodel. Understanding Buyer differences and that certain things about your home will appeal to certain Buyers, while not all things will appeal to them. Not all Buyers will like where your home is located, how your home is decorated or what amenities your neighborhood offers them or lack of amenities. What does matter is that just one Buyer thinks the price of your home is fair, likes where your home is located and can envision themselves living in your home, even if they want to get rid of the red dining room wall and do a bit of remodeling. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter. You just need that one Buyer. Of course, if your home is priced right and presented well there will likely be more than one interested Buyer, particularly in the current Real Estate market that showcases a Seller’s market in most southeast Florida cities. So remember, if they send you an offer to buy your home, you’re halfway there.

Eliminating your garage to add on an extra room in your home will cost you many prospective Buyers

You thought you would convert your garage to have the use of a home office. Your argument is that many Buyers want a home office, don’t they? Sure they do, but not at the expense of losing a garage. Do you now understand the tradeoff here? If that garage was really a must, then swallow hard and accept the fact that the perfect Buyer may be harder to come by for you when selling your home.

Your home’s selling price is not a simple square foot calculation

What? No way. Really, you ask? Who knew?! Unfortunately, you’re not alone, as many, including Real Estate Agents, wrongfully calculate a home simply by its square footage. A home’s value is so much more than it’s square footage. It’s about the updates or no updates, it’s about the good/bad location, it’s about the functionality, it’s about the condition, it’s just so much more that must be factored into your home’s selling price.

Now, that you’re feeling that lump in your throat as you really had no idea, by all means, make sure your Real Estate Agent doesn’t try a simple square foot calculation, as that’s just one of many things to avoid in a Real Estate Agent.

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Get rid of your Realtor friends

What, get rid of your friends you ask?! One of your friends that you chum around with, has their Real Estate license and occasionally dabs in selling homes. She sold her mom’s home when her mom had died this past year and she’s helping her cousin who is relocating to Boca Raton Florida to escape the winter cold from Michigan. Other than that, you can’t remember her last Real Estate transaction. She really doesn’t have the time while fulfilling a full time job as administrative assistant to a busy law firm. But heck, you think, “…she’s my friend, how can she do me wrong?…” After all, the two of you have so much in common.

There are so many ways that she can do you wrong. In fact, these wrong ways will stop you from selling your home. Can you afford to take the risk? I understand it’s not always easy to say “no”, especially to a friend, but in this case, you must. Hire a skilled Real Estate Agent and sell your home fast and for the most money.

You have to keep you home show ready when selling

Did you know that over 81% of home Buyers express that it’s easier for them to envision living in a home when it’s staged and show ready? Not a made up percentage either as the National Association of REALTORSⓇ reported.

Plan your showing schedule so when a prospective home Buyer visits, it will be a breeze for them to see themselves living in your home. If you always keep a tidy, neat home than just a quick notice that a Buyer is on their way should be enough. However, if you need a little more time to spruce up, then an hour’s notice to a home showing or up to 24 hours might be a requirement you’ll need. If you work all day, make sure your home is pristine before you leave for the day even if no showings have been scheduled.

What a pain in the you know what, you think! Would you rather be inconvenienced for a few weeks before you get an offer on your home, or do you want it drawn out for months on end? It gets drawn out when Buyers visit your home and see a mess, while the previously staged home now seems non-existent. Know that there aren’t any shortcuts or tricks to avoid this either. (Note that I said receiving an offer within a few weeks. This brings up a whole other topic not covered in this Real Estate article, that discusses the importance of pricing a home for sale so you get offers and your home doesn’t languish on the market for weeks on end.)

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